Sitsang 'Three things you cannot doubt'

Perhaps there are things in Yogananda's autobiography that you find hard to believe. Maybe there are aspects of the yogateachings that don't convince you.
There's no way, however, one could doubt these three basic notions.

Chant 'May your love shine forever'

How to sing Yogananda's best known prayer, and how to play it on the harmonium. With notes and chords.

Sitsang 'The greatest guru'

Serious but funny words of Daya Mata at the 1993 convocation; the painful end of a love affair; an interesting conversation, and thoughts on 'the greatest guru.'

Chant 'Flowers of devotion'

One of Yogananda's prayers, put to music. Learn how to sing it and play it on the harmonium.


Sitsang 'Masters energy'

Thoughts on Yogananda's energy, plus a personal experience.

Chant 'Healed by Thy Light'

'Healed by Thy light' is both a chant and a mantra. Learn how to sing it and play it on the harmonium.

Hymn to Brahma / Sitsang

The beautiful Hymn to Brahma is sung and the translation of the Sanskrit discussed.